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Construction Accounting for Contractors

Sandy construction accounting It's a constant challenge for construction businesses to effectively control costs so they can remain competitive. Partnering with a local Sandy CPA firm that’s experienced in all facets of construction accounting can help you stay on the path to success. Sorenson & Company, CPA works with everyone from builders, painters and plumbers to electricians, HVAC companies and other subcontractors. We can help you manage cash flow more efficiently through job costing reports and weekly financial statements that keep you informed every step of the way.

You’re welcome to outsource all your accounting and tax needs to us, but if you prefer to keep some functions in-house, we can provide ongoing QuickBooks® support. We’ll get you setup on QuickBooks® and review your file at regular intervals and make sure your data is accurate.

Sorenson & Company, CPA also works hard to help you save money on taxes. We provide tax preparation for contractors and will develop a tax planning strategy to reduce your tax liability so you can hold on to more of your profits. Call 801-553-1120 today and request a free consultation to learn more.

Our construction accounting and tax services include: